To do right now!

This is always the way with me. When I don't have time to do anything, I get it in my head to do EVERYTHING!!! We will be taking time off from our usual work routine starting sometime next week, but you know that doesn't mean that I won't be doing plenty of knitting, designing and general crafting and scheming. So this week I aim to do all the pre-planning necessary to make vacation fun a reality. Being on vacation without a solid pattern idea to work out is not my idea of fun. So I've got to get my notes together for a couple of patterns that I would like to focus on while I'm away. And oh the knitting projects! I never leave home without at least a few months worth of projects in my bag. Not that there is any chance that I am even going to make a dent in said projects, but the worst thing in the entire world would be to find myself alone one evening with nothing to knit. So I'll be bringing lots! And since it is Tour de Fleece season and I'm seeing lots of inspiring spinning popping up on my instagram feed I am going to try and do some spinning this week too, you know, in my free time! I haven't spun since before Rowan was born (over 15 months!) so I really hope that I still remember how. 2 years ago I had a wicked Tour de Fleece run, I still have most of those skeins, maybe I'll knit with them someday!