Busy Bees

I am working away at getting all the Etsy orders mailed out. Thanks so much for all the Etsy love! One of a kind updates are one of my favourite things to do, though I hate parting with all the pretty skeins! It's torture! Today I shipped 6 skeins of this gorgeous Orange Label Cashmere/Silk Worsted weight yarn in Fleur to one lovely customer and felt a real pang righ in my heart. I want to be knitting a sweater in this colourway!

I am simultaneously working on shipping out all of the July Club yarns this week. If you are a Club member and placed an Etsy order, you'll be getting all of your goodies in one package. And earlier than you probably expected! I'm working about one week ahead of schedule this month so I can take some time off for a little family R&R. 

One last order of business today, go over to the TFA Ravelry group and vote for what yarn bases you'd like to see in our next Etsy Update! The next update will hopefully be early September and will be organized like this one, just a few colours and a few bases, but lots of each so you can take your time and shop without the regular Etsy update chaos!