Verdigris handspun

Handspun yarn - 113g, 175yds - worsted weight - roving is by Pigeonroof studios in the Verdigris colourway.

This week, for the first time in over a year, I managed to do some spinning! I am thrilled with the fact that I still remember how, it's like riding a bicycle that way. I'm also really happy that I was able to spin a worsted weight yarn in way less time than I had anticipated. For a while there I was spinning lots of sport weight yarn, simply because I was so focused on making my singles thin and smooth, but it was taking me hours! I spun two bobbins of singles in one day and then plied them in about an hour and a half on the second day. All in all maybe about 4-5 hours of work, not nothing, but still faster than the 7-8 hours I remember it being. 

The resulting yarn is... lovely... but pretty muddy. The braid of fiber was so pretty with vivid colours.  I do no planning when I spin and just hope for the best, this time I'm not sure the results are awesome. It's pretty and I'll probably eat my words when I eventually knit with it, since all handspun knits up super beautifully, but right now I'm feeling like it's all a bit brown. I have a few braids like this one (by pigeonroof studios) I think I'll have to figure out a way to keep the colours brighter the next time around. 

Any tips?