Moodboard Monday - Extremely Colourful Decisions...

Something a little bit different for you guys on this first Monday of the summer! A few moodboards of inspiring knits. 

I am in need of a juicy project to really sink my teeth into. I have patterns that I should be working on, but because you just can't fight your creative impulses and what I'm really jonesing for right now I can't find in any of my current designs-in-progress. I am obsessed with the idea of working with every colour in the rainbow to make a beautiful, colourful, cheery knit. I'm thinking a wee sweater for a little girl I know with a birthday coming up. The trouble is I just can't decide what direction to go in. Do I aim for colourful, somewhat traditional fair isle motifs?

sources: ahh!  this amazing yoke ! gorgeous  cowl .  graphic sweater  for cool chics.  sideways sweater .  lovely mittens .  fair isle sweater  with red shawl..

sources: ahh! this amazing yoke! gorgeous cowlgraphic sweater for cool chics. sideways sweater. lovely mittensfair isle sweater with red shawl..

Or do I throw convention out the window and knit something modern and graphic and potentially a little wacky?

sources:  scrappy sweater . checkerboard  mitts . adorable  hat with perfect pompom .  triangles .  colour block sweater .  pink and navy  triangle sweater. 

sources: scrappy sweater. checkerboard mitts. adorable hat with perfect pompomtriangles. colour block sweater. pink and navy triangle sweater. 

My lovely urn of sock yarn scraps is overflowing and in order to make room for more leftovers I'd better get started. I have a pair of socks that is nearly finished and if I add the leftover ball to this tower I'm afraid the whole thing will topple over! I expect I'll land somewhere in between my two design directions. Funky-fair isle. I'll keep you posted!