Happy Friday!

My best friend Sara was visiting us this week. Rowan met her once last summer, and I think he remembers her because he was crazy about her! I haven't seen him flirt so hard with someone before. All playing coy-peek-a-boo and smiles and kisses. It was awesome. Sara has the cutest dog, Yeti. She was so good and fun to have around. It was a short visit, but we'll see her again soon when we head out east for some cottage time. 

I've been posting about my beautiful striped socks on instagram and in Wednesday's blog post and I get lots of questions about them. The skein was part of Yarntini's Create Your Own Self Striping Yarn Club. (I don't know if all that needed to be capitalized... but I think it's pretty important so I'm sticking with it.) Anyways, you sign up for a 3 month membership, you pick colours for 3 different skeins and then every month for 3 months straight you get a hand dyed skein of sock yarn in the colourways of your dreams. It was a very cool Club to be a part of. I love all three of my skeins. I know that some people are very particular and intense about their colour choices, making photoshop mock-ups and everything. I was very willy-nilly about it. I just took a glance at the available colourways and picked my favourites and then put them together in a way that I hoped would work. It took all of about 10 minutes. I don't mean to brag about my ability to make snap decisions, but I am a very decisive person so, there ya go. Pretty right? You should join if you can the next time she makes the Club available. 

And because I love my sister so much I am considering sending her one of my special skeins. I haven't decided which one I can bare parting with just yet, but one of them will be sent to her in a very precious care package. I love her, she's worth it. 

And because I posted a picture of Yeti it wouldn't be right not to include one of Stella, so here she is. Lounging like the world's greatest lounger. I love that dog. Oh! And I have a new carpet. It is 100% wool and it looks like it has these big awesome ink splotches all over it. Due to my obvious love of wool and ink/dye it is the perfect rug for me. Also, very forgiving, hides everything! Definite bonus.