Rowan's garland pullover

The winner of the Vector Scarf Kit giveaway is….. Jennifer Kirkby Tatro! Jennifer said: "I love the purple colourway! So many beautiful colours, I would imagine it was so hard to choose. The grey choice is also a classic, which would go nicely with any outfit! Thank you for offering the giveaway. If I win, I will be knitting it in Baja this summer. Enjoy your week!"

Imagine, knitting in Baja, wouldn't that be nice! 

Thanks so much to everyone who entered this week's giveaway! And so sorry to anyone who was frustrated with the comment form… we're working on it, hopefully by the next giveaway we'll be glitch free. :)

Pattern: Garland Sweater by Pickles

Yarn: by Annie Claire Full Belly Feel Good in "Cabbage".

Ravelry Project page here.

Since babies grow a mile a minute Rowan has somehow managed to outgrow almost all of his hand knit sweaters over night. It's terrible. Last weekend I set myself the task of remedying the situation and cast on for a quick and cute pullover for him. I chose two yarns from the stash: the prettiest pale blue/grey hand dyed with natural dyes (this one was dyed with cabbage I think) from by Annie Claire and to go with it I chose a precious skein of handspun. I've been clocking a fair bit of time on Pinterest lately (more on why in another post) and had spotted this adorable little sweater sometime last week and it stuck with me. You can find the chart for free, so armed with my yarns, my free chart and bit of simple math I managed to knit this sweater in a weekend. 

This colour palette is a bit unusual for me, rusty tones are not typically my go-to, but I will happily make any exception when it comes to handspun! This sweater is warm and wooly and has a bit of a hippy vibe to it due to the texture, so I think the colours work. I modified the chart slightly for my gauge, and the rest of the sweater was pretty much just a guess. I tend to be pretty casual with my approach sometimes - 100 stitches for the body? That sounds about right. Because of this the fit is… um… questionable. Only because my goal was to have a sweater that would fill the gap in Rowan's wardrobe today, and this sweater will probably fit him for the next 2 or 3 years! I tend to air on the side of "too big" rather than "too small", so let's call this one a victory ok?


Oh handspun, could you be any prettier? There is nothing like knitting with handspun yarn. The colours, the texture, it's magical. I haven't spun in over a year. I need to dig out my wheel and get to it because a little bit of handspun makes everything better.