TFA KAL - Shawl week!

I'm calling this week - "Shawl week!" because, well I think it's pretty obvious, I've got lots of shawl news to talk about. So I'll be cramming it all into this week and then we'll be free to move onto other things. Unless you're like me and you could talk about shawls every week, then maybe we will never move on.  

So, first on the agenda for shawl week: A Shawl Knit-along! I'm hosting a knit-along over in the TFA Ravelry group, so head on over, join the group and knit a shawl during the month of June! I am typically pretty relaxed when it comes to KAL rules, for me it's all about participation and fun. So very loosely here are the "rules": Any pattern (TFA or not) any TFA yarn, cast on June 1st, cast off June 30th. People have lots of great projects planned already, so check out this thread for lots of inspiration.  

That's my shawl news for today, start thinking about what shawl or scarf you'd like to knit next month and lets have some fun! I still haven't decided what I'll be knitting, but I'll be sure to keep you posted!