Mother's Day

Yesterday Chris, Rowan and I all ended up wearing lovely aqua blue tops in the afternoon (some of us had multiple wardrobe changes throughout the day due to outdoor play etc.) When I noticed our picture perfect coordination I begged Chris to let me pull out the tripod and snap a family photo. Because it was Mother's Day, he consented (he's usually not so keen on this much matching!) and I almost can't believe our luck. Rowan was mesmerized by the flashing light coming from the camera as it counted down on it's timer setting. He looked straight into the camera, not exactly smiling, but not frowning either. We got several pretty nice shots! Stella was a little less cooperative, we tried some with her, but she wasn't happy, so we let her sit in the back in her spot of sunshine. 

We spent the weekend doing a little bit of work, a lot of gardening and a healthy dose of playing. Rowan has discovered the slides at the park and he loves them, potentially even more than he loves the swings, which is saying a lot. We saw our moms, we exchanged flowers, a good time was had by all!

Being a mother is a great privilege, one that I never take for granted. Though it's nice to be spoiled by the ones who appreciate me as a mother, for me this year Mother's Day was more about acknowledging how lucky I am to be a mom. Not everyone wants to have children, not everyone gets to have children. Life certainly isn't always fair in that department. Last year I was a brand new mom to a 5 week old baby boy on Mother's Day, this year my baby is walking, babbling, laughing and bringing us so much joy we can hardly stand it. Just look at those beautiful boys, how could I not think of myself as the luckiest girl in the world to have them to call my own!?