Vector for BT Wool People 7


The cherry on top of my very exciting week is the launch of the latest collection of patterns in the Wool People series curated by Brooklyn Tweed.  As if the release of the latest BT collection weren't good news enough, Wool People 7 is extra exciting for me as I have a pattern included! This is Vector (here on Ravelry), a garter stitch scarf or wrap (two sizes are given) with a simple but effective edging treatment that is the perfect showcase for your favourite gradient tones. You all know how much I LOVE a good gradient. This is one of those pieces that is really all about the colours. The knitting is extremely simple, mindless even, but the results are so worth it. The type of knit you can live in and I guarantee you will get asked about it every time you leave the house! 

Have you seen the WP7 lookbook? I'm sure you have, but if not, go right away and flip through it. It is so brilliant. In my opinion Jared and his team have really upped the anti with this collection. The patterns are all fabulous of course, but more than that, the look and feel of his photography really sets it apart from anything else out there. There is a real high fashion vibe going on. The white, urban interior settings, the effortlessly styled models. It is beyond gorgeous. And don't even get me started on that beautiful grey haired model draped in her perfect grey ombre wrap. When I saw those pictures I was blown away. If you have grey hair, you need a shades of grey Vector in your life stat.

Of course I can't mention gradient colours without picking through my shelves and putting together a few of my own. I will have Vector kits available in the coming weeks, but didn't manage to get them together in time for the launch. Oh well, something to look forward to after the excitement of launch week has subsided! Above I've got a grey scheme featuring: Chris Grey, Shadow, Dove, Stormy and Charcoal and below it is a browns scheme that Chris loves: Natural, Sand, Stone, Chestnut and Tartan. 

What scheme would you pick for your Vector? I'd love to hear your thoughts as I'll be mulling over colourways for kits this weekend.