Toddler knits and tough decisions


I have this beautiful stack of yarn sitting on my dining room table. I'm crazy about all of it and can't wait to work with each and every skein. I've chosen patterns and am working on a game plan. Rowan needs a few new knits to round out his winter wardrobe and these skeins are quickly going to turn into a few Christmas presents for him. 

First up we have 2 gorgeous skeins of Lotus that are already well on their way to becoming a Pembroke Vest. I love the practicality of vests for babies and toddlers (I went on and on about my love of baby vests here.) He doesn't currently have any that fit, so this will be a welcome addition. The Lotus colourway is a One Of A Kind that we featured a while ago and that I am in love with. We've dyed up a couple batches for the Boxing Day Etsy Update (plenty more details to come as the date approaches) and I snatched these two skeins for myself because they are amazing!

Next up is where the tough decision part of this blog post comes in. As soon as I'm finished my Pembroke Vest I'm going to cast on for a Schoolboy Vest, because, as I said, I love vests, Rowan currently has none, and two is better than one. I've also convinced Chris that it's time he knit something for Rowan and we've chosen the Flax pattern by TinCanKnits. So, my original plan was to knit the Schoolboy vest in the top pictured grouping of Tartan, Sand and Stone. I love Tartan (obviously, just look at it!) and have been wanting to use Stone in a knit forever. This is a beautiful pairing that I think would work really well together. Then, Chris was going to knit his Flax in either Emerald or Ravine (two more One Of A Kind colourways that I can't live without and that will be available on the Dec. 26th Boxing Day update). We were leaning towards Emerald since it's bright and fun. It's a tough colourway to photograph though, so I plopped a skein of Stone next to it to try and help and steady the light meter for the photo taking and seeing those 3 skeins together (Stone, Emerald and Ravine) I really like them and am now reconsidering using them for my Schoolboy Vest and then having Chris knit his Flax sweater in Tartan... 

This are the impossible decisions that we as knitters are faced with daily. Life is so hard!!!