Self striping shawl in Peacock

Pattern: Improvised - a super simple triangular shawl - sort of based on my Prism shawl pattern

Yarn: Caterpillargreen Yarns Shawl Stripes in Peacock.

Ravelry project page here

I don't think that it's possible to be any more pleased with an FO than I am with this one. It's just so lovely. It was a joy to knit, and I really mean that, every single simple stockinette stitch left me feeling great about this project. This is a very basic triangular shawl, no real pattern. I knit the whole thing in stockinette stitch until I got to the last colour and then switched to garter stitch to create a bit of a border (and for the shawl to lay flat). It was so easy but never boring since the colours are really what this project is all about. The colourway could not be any more perfect for me. It's almost as if Catherine was thinking of me when she came up with this stunning turquoise palette

Rowan also loves it! And though toddler approval is not something that I typically require from my shawl FO's, it's still nice to get the compliment. :)