TFA Club update + a little duckling goes trick or treating!

A quick little note about the TFA Year In Colour Club: the 2015 Club memberships will be available by the end of the week! Which also means that the 2014 Club memberships will close. I'll be making the switch any day now so if you want to nab a collection of 2014 skeins now is your chance! The 2015 Club will run much like this year did, all the details will be laid out in a blog post here as soon as I open 2015 memberships. I'm already excited about it!

And, just because I think that you could all use a little pick-me-up on this Tuesday morning, here are a few pics from Rowan's first experience with trick-or-treating. He was a star! A little shy, but very curious. Big smiles and clapping every time a friendly neighbour would drop a candy into his little bucket. It was so much fun. I'm not big on Halloween, but after this year's experience I can see my tune changing.