Sunnyside's for everyone!

The TFA Sunnyside KAL wrapped up last week and boy oh boy did it churn out some amazing FO's! I have to admit that organizing this KAL was totally just a selfish plot on my part to get you all to knit gorgeous Lady Sunnyside's so I could then go ahead and do my favourite thing in the whole world and make a rainbow collage. So, here ya go, an assortment of Sunnyside's in a variety of colours. Happy rainbow Sunnyside to you! Doesn't this just make you happy?  

Top RowPiccola's in Jewel - Bethhunt's in Sweetheart - DeirdreColeman's in Brick - KarenLC's in Pumpkin.

Middle RowManuelaT's in Chartreuse - YarnLadyZ's in Olive - sixblueirises' in Emerald - LinaIrene's in Ravine

Bottom Rowknursekettle's in Fjord - tankinisurf's in Fleur - oskiknits' in Chris Grey - LakeKnitChrista's in Graphite.

What was so incredibly rewarding for me about this KAL (because apparently this KAL was all about me) is seeing how great each and every one of you looks in your Sunnyside's. Every colour, every shape, you all look fabulous. 

And then there are the baby Sunnyside's! So wee, so adorable. I love that a few of you used Cosmic Blue Label for your versions, a baby in sparkly yarn? Awesome. 


Top RowKayrine's in Meadow - MmeSissi's in Sprout - JamieLynn16's in Grape - playtpus' in Luxe

Middle RowMarie-LouiseB's in Frost - Amelie77's in Fiesta - 

Bottom RowAmyMercer's in Pink Grapefruit - leighpirtle88's in Garnet - hotcheese' in Thrills - joanneperrow's in Sweetheart

Now that we and our babies have our Sunnyside situations under control we are now free to move on and focus on our holiday knits. ;) In case you haven't decided what you want to knit for our accessories KAL, you heard it here first, I've got a new mitten kit coming out later this week as well as a really exciting new project to share! So stay tuned for that!