November Club - Tantramar Toque

This is the last Year In Colour Club post I get to write for 2014. Sigh, that makes me sad (even though 2015 is right around the corner, yikes!). It's been a fun year! We've gone through the whole rainbow and matched every colour with a beautiful and inspiring pattern (if I do say so myself!) For November we went out on a limb and did something completely different, offering up not one, but TWO custom colourways for your knitting pleasure! We have the bright and cheery Cloudless (blue) and Concord (purple). I spent the last month making one million half skeins to send off as hat kits to each Club member. I'm not gonna lie, I was cursing my own brilliant 2 colour plan for a while there, but now that they're done and people are excited about them it was all so worth the effort! 

So, the pattern! I designed the Tantramar Toque, a bold and graphic stranded hat pattern to show off these lovely colours and add a little pop of colour to your winter wardrobes. This just might be my favourite pattern of the year. I am a huge fan of colour work (and pompoms!) and can picture this hat done up in an endless combination of colours. The bold colour work is simple but high impact I love it so much that I've already started a sweater incorporating a motif inspired by this chart. Stay tuned for an update on that, I'm kind of obsessed and am making great progress on it so I should have something to share very soon!

Even though I started off this post proclaiming that it was the last one I got to write about the 2014 YICC, I just decided that I'm going to do one more next week. I think that this year deserves a wrap up post, a rainbow of yarn and patterns deserves to be highlighted in all it's glory right? It's going to be a beautiful post, I look forward to composing it!