First Snow!

Yesterday we woke up to our first blanket of snow covering the lawn, the roofs, the car. It was a thin layer and it didn't last all day, but first snow is always exciting! Chris made snowballs, Rowan threw them around, it was super fun and has gotten me excited for this winter with Rowan. Last year he loved tobogganing and was a real trouper in the cold, he seemed to really enjoy it, I hope this year he's just as much fun! 

This weekend I made Smitten Kitchen's essential raised waffles. I have made them once before but didn't have much success with the recipe the first time. The recipe warns that the batter is thin and that it doesn't work as well in a larger belgian waffle iron, which is what I have. This time I used about 1/2 cup more flour and the results were perfect! Crispy outside, tender inside, amazing yeasty flavour. Chris said that they were the best waffled he's ever had. 

Next up I made homemade marshmallow's using Butter Baked Goods recipe. Jane Richmond posted about this recipe more than once on instagram and it had me dying to give them a shot. I had always wanted to try homemade marshmallows, but assumed that they were tricky and messy. This recipe is neither. It's basically foolproof, uses a few simple ingredients and the results are more delicious than I can even explain! It was both Chris and my first time tasting homemade marshmallows and they are so much better than I was expecting, only because I was expecting something that tasted like the store-bought marshmallows that I was used to, and they taste nothing like them, they are in a whole other league! I think that waffles and marshmallows are officially going on my Christmas tradition list. These waffles are the perfect Christmas morning recipe since all the work is done the night before. Brilliant. And what could be more festive than hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows!? Is it too early to be this excited for Christmas?

Other than the delicious baking, I spent a good chunk of the weekend making Sweet Nectar mitten kits! Kits are a ton of work and to be perfectly honest I sometimes sort of begrudge them, that is until I see stacks and stacks of perfect little skeins of beautifully coordinated colours all lined up and ready to go, then I know that it's all worth it!