A new knit along and a new WIP!

Friday marked the official end of the TFA Sunnyside KAL and I'm working on a post to wrap it all up for you. But, before I've got that ready it's time to announce our next KAL! The annual TFA Holiday accessory KAL. The goal is to motivate us all to get our holiday gifts knit, it's a ton of fun and has made for some incredibly prolific knitting in the past. It starts this Saturday. You can sign up and read all the details in the TFA Ravelry group here

Before I get all caught up in my holiday knitting I've made it my mission of the week to finish this long languishing FO. Ravelry tells me I started knitting this in August 2010. I bought the yarn and pattern at a local shop while on vacation at my cottage. I knit the back, about 1/3 of the left front and then put it away for the next 4.25 years. :)

Lately I've been really digging all the Granted sweaters I've been seeing on my Instagram feed and it while I was wishing that I had a spare $400 laying around to splurge on a chunky hand knit sweater I remembered that I had this baby up in the cupboard! Knit in Chunky yarn on 6mm needles I should be able to have this sweater finished by the end of the week if I stick to it. It's kind of fun to be working on such an old FO since were I to cast on for a sweater like this today I would certainly have made different decisions in terms of colour and probably even pattern. It feels refreshing to be knitting something so out of my usual comfort zone.