2015 Club memberships now available!

2017 Year In Colour Club


Canada • US memberships $250 ($425 for 2 skeins)

International memberships $274 ($449 for 2 skeins)

All shipping included in price, taxes will be charged when applicable. 

Memberships are available all year long! See below for the fine print.

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Woohoo!!! The 2015 Club memberships are available to order! The price is the same as it's been for the past few years, which is something that I'm quite excited about. I crunch the numbers all the time, I hate raising prices - so I basically never do, I think I've only ever raised the price of one item, once - that's something I'm proud of. 

The set up of the Club is the same as always: 6 different yarns, 6 exclusive colourways, 6 custom patterns. The only change this year is that all of the pattern will be designed by me!!! Gulp. I'm a little daunted by the task, but I'm really excited about it too. In 2014 we followed a ROYGBIV rainbow plan for the Club. It's been fun, but for 2015 we're going back to a less structured approach. From light to dark, neon to neutral, there are no rules! 

I hope you'll join me for another year for of glorious colour in 2015!!! 

For all of the nitty-gritty details visit the Club page here.