September Club - Wingtip Cowl

The September Club yarn and pattern were sent out weeks ago, I was certain that I had already blogged about it. But lucky me I just realized that I have not so I get to chat about it with you today! For September we featured the luxe and lovely Amber Label Cashmere/Silk DK Weight yarn in a very denim-y colourway called Jean Jacket. it's so soft and silky and beautiful. It's great for lots of different types of projects, but if you've only got one skein, it's hard not to want to wrap it around your neck and snuggle up. A cowl seemed like the most reasonable option to make that snuggling dream a reality. I'm a long time fan of the "cowboy cowl" shape - pointy in the front, sort of like a triangular shawl worn bandana style. The shape lent itself perfectly to the stitch pattern that I chose, with the cables and lace traveling right up from that crisp centre point.

A few fun things about this pattern:

1) Doesn't my mom make a beautiful model!? Her gorgeous white hair is so pretty and really sets off the lovely blue of September's Jean Jacket colourway. 

2) I called this pattern the Wingtip Cowl after doing a bit of googling. I was thinking that the shape and design evoked a flying-v look, like flocks of geese flying in formation. I wanted a pretty name so looked for a synonym or other descriptive word for geese's migratory flights. Anyway - long story short - and maybe you all know this already... but did you know that a flock of geese in flight is called a skein? I was blown away by that fun fact.