My Monte Rosa - Almost an FO!

My Monte Rosa has been knit and blocked and all the ends have been woven in for weeks (maybe even a full month). It's absolutely perfect and I'm so excited to wear it! However, there is one minor detail that I didn't think to consider before making all my grand plans for this sweater... the zipper. Finding a neon, coral zipper to match perfectly with the Papaya trim is apparently going to be impossible. If it does exist somewhere on the internet it's hiding from me, or is silly expensive, so I need to come up with a compromise. I'm leaning towards hot pink. Neon's are in at the moment, so it shouldn't be that difficult, I can find orange and I can find pink, but just not that perfect shade that falls somewhere right in the middle. I think pink will be fine right? 

The Velvet and Papaya work beautiful together in this sweater. The colours are so vibrant and rich, but that same quality makes them absolutely impossible to photograph. Any photo I've shared of this knit has been rather heavily doctored in photoshop to make it look as true to life as possible. I'm hoping that when I finally find the right zipper and get around to taking FO shots that some natural outdoor lighting will help me capture the beauty of this palette.