A few moderately successful toddler knits

With the weather getting cooler by the day I attempted to stay ahead of the game and be ready with a hat and mitts set for Rowan. I knit him a little Brixter in some leftover Green Label Seabreeze. I knit the baby size but with thicker yarn and bigger needles (4.5mm) and it fits my 18 month old very well. I think it should get us through the winter. I clearly love turquoise. Rowan's jacket is reversible (he's wearing it with the navy side out in the photos below) but over Thanksgiving he found himself in the embarrassing situation of being dressed head to toe in turquoise - hat, jacket and cords!

The mitts are Grammy's Mitts knit in Teal with Seabreeze stripes. I cast on 26 sts, ribbed for a few inches (I figure a longer cuff will help them stay put). Then I knit for about 1.5" before putting 5 sts on waste yarn for the thumb. I added an i-cord to keep the mitts from getting lost, which doesn't look like it's going to be a problem for us since Rowan refuses to wear them! Maybe it just hasn't been cold enough yet. I was so excited for him to try them on, but no such luck. I managed to get one on, confirmed that they fit perfectly and then dealt with the ensuing tantrum... I will keep trying! Kids are so tricky with winter gear! It's impossible to predict how they will react. Luckily he's great about wearing his hand knit sweaters, so I can be happy with that.  

Rowan's favourite hat to wear these days is actually one of my old hats, one that I made with the leftovers from Stella's best handspun sweater. The pattern is Grammy's Hat and I think that the fact that it fits both me and my toddler is a testament to just how brilliant my Grammy's pattern is. With so much stretch it is so flexible and fits such a wide range of head sizes. I love that Rowan and Stella can match, photos to come of the two of them out walking in their winter best as soon as I can orchestrate that photo shoot!