Frolic Update

Calling this post "Frolic Update" is kind of unfair because it gives the impression that there is some sort of exciting update about to be revealed. I just couldn't bring myself to call this post what it's really all about... "No Frolic for me". Sad face. 

I feel terrible admitting defeat, I had every intention of packing up the family and driving to Toronto for the weekend, but as the months went by and the Frolic inched closer and closer I knew I was lying to myself. It's just too much for us at the moment. I feel like I say that a lot lately. Doing wholesale at the scale that we used to is too much, doing shows is too much... Why is it so hard to know our limits and just say no sometimes!? Because we want to do it all, right? 

Well, I just can't. I've accepted it and am actually feeling really good about it. I mentioned in this post a few weeks back that things with TFA haven't always gone exactly as I had planned, but that the way they've ended up is definitely the way they should be. And I stand by that. I used to think that I could do a little bit of everything, but that has not worked for me. It's all good though, in learning what works and what doesn't work, what we love to do and what feels like too much effort, we've been able to streamline where we focus our attentions and we are all the better for it! And I really mean that. I think that we are producing higher quality colourways and patterns these days, and when that happens, everybody wins!

Instead of being completely bogged down by overwhelming tasks we're being realistic about what we can manage and are focussing on doing fewer things, better. 

So though I won't see you at the Frolic this year, I am still cooking up a plan to have some new TFA available for you there. The Purple Purl will have new TFA offerings in their booth, so you'll still have a chance to get your recommended dose via them! 

And one last update for this morning:
This child is growing way too fast. The photo on the left was taken less than a month ago when Rowan still fit in his adorable little hat. I've knit another in a size larger so I could get some good pattern shots and get this pattern published already. Rowan has decided that he's so over being a baby model. Instead he's a baby rebel who will do whatever it takes to make photographing him in focus nearly impossible.

Oh boy do I love that face! Excuse me while I go kiss those cheeks.