Are you on Instagram? I am right here. And I love it! There is much buzz around the internet these days about the changing face of blogging. With so many fast paced social media sites around these days (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest) fewer people are taking the time to sit, read, comment and participate in the blogging community. I, however, am not one of these people. I have luckily managed to avoid getting hooked on facebook or twitter, I love instagram, but it will never replace a good blog post for me. I love seeing a beautiful image, and I will "like" it, but I will continue to visit blogs and read about the story behind the images. 

As a blogger, business owner and colour lover, it's fun for me to have another outlet for quick posts, but since I consider this blog to be my true online home I thought it might be nice to share some of my favourite fibery-snaps with you here too. Above is a selection of my favourite moments in instragram from the past 2 weeks. 

So, I'd love to hear what you think. Do you still love a good blog post as much as I do? Or have other, quicker, social media sites replaced the chatty blog as your source of crafty inspiration? My thoughts: no way. I'd like to have my instagram and blog about it too!