Holiday Haze

Painting Jeans - one of the most requested colourways from our latest Etsy Update. We only had one batch of this colourway in Purple Label Cashmere Sock yarn available and it went quickly, I've added it to the list of colourways to try and reproduce in other bases for the next update! Thanks so much to everyone who stole a moment from their holidays to pop by the shop and grab some goodies! We are working furiously this week to get all your orders shipped. I am completely humbled and overwhelmed by your continued support of our dyeing experiments. Chris and I feel so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful customers who get as excited about our dyeing experiments as we do!

Our holidays were fantastic and went by in a blur as usual. We spent every day with family and just soaked in festive cheer. The holidays were made extra fun by the presence of two adorable babes, Rowan and his cousin Annika. The kids certainly add to the whole magical family holiday experience. Contrary to my usual style, I actually took a whole bunch of photos this past week. Too many to sort through this morning, but here is one that I think really captures our holiday experience. I call this shot: "Babies in brand new Christmas Eve pj's smiling and laughing with Aunt Lilia and Uncle Vince!"