Fashion Friday - Mom's scrappy sweater

Featured Knit: This awesome hand-me-down sweater from my mom, knit by Grammy.
Yarn: Some vintage chunky yarn.

If I've got my facts straight, Grammy knit this sweater for my mom when mom was in university, so some time in the late 60's, early 70's I think. It's scrap-tastic. It was knit in pieces, two fronts, a back and two sleeves, and no two sections are alike. The colours are as bright and bold as you can get. It has a zipper and a shawl collar. I was bestowed this jacket back in high school and I've worn it lovingly since. It's shockingly warm, especially with an insulating layer underneath. And it certainly turns heads. Mom has this awesome story of walking down the main drag in Halifax and a car pulls up next to her and this real tough looking guy rolls down his window just to compliment her on her great sweater. 

When I'm wearing a bold knit like this, I usually let it shine as the sole knit in the outfit. A simple scarf, no accessories, the sweater has enough going on by itself I think.