We love knits!

If you follow me on instagram you've already seen this photo of Rowan all wrapped up in his blanket. But I just couldn't resist posting it again here. I love this shot. I was attempting to get some fun shots of this blanket that I designed and knit for Rowan before he was born. The pattern is just about ready, it's been test knit in an alternate colourway and looks amazing! I tried a bunch of things with Rowan and his blanket, but then he took matters into his own hands and rolled around in it and giggled. Amazing. 

To think, not so long ago he couldn't roll over at all, and now he's all over the place, ready to start crawling at any moment I just know it!

This blanket design is part of a collection of baby boy knits that I'm working on. You've seen sneak peek's of some of the designs on pictures I've posted of Rowan. I'm hoping to have the collection ready early in the new year.