Gemini in progress

As soon as I saw Jane working on her Gemini, modified to have 3/4 length sleeves and done up in TFA Yellow Label DK weight yarn, I knew that I would be making one too! I'm making mine exactly the same as hers, fitted 3/4 length sleeves and all. I took a vote to decide what colourway to knit mine in and the people chose Iris! I love this colourway, but I'll admit that it's difficult to photograph accurately. I snapped this shot the other day and though lovely, it's not quite right. Since it's one of my more variegated colourways it's a bit more challenging to work with. I'm alternating skeins every 2 rows and checking often to make sure that the colours are distributing themselves nicely. A few rows before I took this photo I noticed that I was starting to see some pooling,  a big puddle of all blue was starting to take shape, so I ripped out a few rows and starting knitting from the inside of my second skein rather than the outside. That simple shift seems to have taken care of things for me. Alternating skeins and working with variegated yarns can be a bit more challenging and requires more attention, but it's so worth it.