A week already!

I've officially decided that one week is not long enough for a vacation. You may have noticed that I've been MIA for the passed week, and that's because I've been completely wrapped up in doing as much relaxing as possible at my family cottage in Nova Scotia. We've been here for a full week already, and it's been amazing. We're staying a few more weeks and I am so thankful for that. Rowan loves it here! Surrounded by family there is always someone ready and willing to give him snuggles. The fresh ocean air is the best thing in the world for a good night's sleep. We've dipped his toes in the ocean a few times and yesterday afternoon we spent a few glorious minutes sitting in a warm gully just letting him get used to the water. He will be a water baby if Chris has anything to say about it. Chris' most important task of the day is to get in at least one good swim. No matter what the weather, Chris goes for an ocean dip. It seems really odd that we don't live near the ocean because we both love it so much, and so will Rowan.

It hasn't been all lounging and swimming though, I've finished knitting my Modified Gemini and will get some FO shots as soon as my sister arrives and I can pick through her wardrobe and try and piece together an outfit. I packed a very interesting mix of clothes this year, I'm not sure what I was thinking, nothing matches and nothing is dressier than my "fancy" pyjama pants...

The other awesome thing about the cottage? Sweater weather in July! Amazing. We went out for a stroll after supper the other night, the sun was going down and the wind had picked up and Chris, Rowan and I all had to wear sweaters. Love that. Rowan sported his brand new Midnight Sunnyside and he looked terrific in it. Yay!