Blue and Bloglovin'

So, first a little bit of business. If you're an avid blog reader like me, then you've probably noticed that there is a big shift happening out there these days and that lots of bloggers are asking you to follow them over on bloglovin'. Well, now it's my turn! I was addicted to Google Reader and was really upset when they announced that it was disappearing. I made the switch to bloglovin' a few months ago and now I actually much prefer it to my old Google Reader ways. 

Come join me and:
Now that that's out of the way, I can tell you a little bit about my latest WIP. I'm knitting a big, beautiful, warm shawl for my grandmother. I've chosen the French Cancan pattern and am knitting it in the luscious Orange Label Cashmere Silk Worsted weight yarn in Frost. It doesn't look like much at the moment because I've got about 200 worsted weight stitches crammed onto a 24" needle, but trust me, it's squooshy, cushy lovelyness!

My Grammy LOVES blue. She passed that, along with her obsessive compulsive knitting down to me. She turned 95 last month and I think that something like this to throw over her shoulders on cold evenings will be perfect for her.