Livin' the dream


Last week a knitter posted a photo to the TFA Ravelry group of herself knitting, in her hospital bed, with her newborn son cradled in her arm. Wow, I thought, this girl has really got her act together. Julie summed it up nicely when she commented that she was "living the dream"! I couldn't agree more. I started off slowly, Rowan was dozy but a bit fussy so I cradled him in my lap and cast on for my second Patina sock while I watched him settle. Then I got gutsy, the other day I held him in the crook of my arm and let the rhythmic motions of my knitting soothe him to sleep. He seems a little bored by the knitting already though doesn't he? Hopefully I'll get a few years of dressing him in knits before he gets too cool for me!

I've turned the heel and am half way through the gusset decreases on my second Iris Patina sock, I'll have an FO for you in no time!