All of these yarns are currently available for sale. Details for each can be found on my Ravelry stash page under the "will trade/sell" header here. If you're interested, have any questions or just want to make me an offer, feel free to send me a Ravelry message or an e-mail! 

I keep almost all of my non-TFA stash yarn in 4 big under-the-bed bins that I store in our "random room". The "random-room" is where we put everything that doesn't have a real home in our house. Stuff like wrapping paper, gift boxes, stray buttons and sewing notions, stray furniture, Chris' chin-up bar... all things that you could find in the "random-room". Full disclosure, we don't actually call it the "random-room" we call it the "blue room" because when we moved in it was painted a bright blue. It has since been painted over a light cream, but it's still the blue room to me. However, I'm very quickly making the transition into calling it "the nursery", because in a few short months it will be baby's room. (squeal!)

This weekend I set myself the task of organizing. I started by taking down the Christmas decorations (so much less fun and more sad than putting them up!) and then I moved on to clearing out the random-room so we can get our bearings and turn that crazy space into a beautiful nursery for our little babe. As of right now the room is completely empty (don't ask me what the guest bedroom looks like... my organizing/cleaning system involved a lot of moving things from one spare room to the other.) I took the opportunity to go through my stash bins and gave everything a very critical once over. The above pictured yarns are all skeins that, though it pains me to part with them, I don't foresee myself using any day soon... funny how I'm not parting with many blue skeins...

There's some really good stuff up there, a bunch of Malabrigo, some Hedgehog Fibres, Dream in Colour. These yarns deserve a good home!