Knitted Ornaments


Every year I get swept up in the excitement of Christmas crafting. I make gifts, I bake, I do a little bit of decorating around the house and I usually get inspired to make some sort of ornament for our Christmas tree (my last big ornament kick was these sparkly stars from 2 years ago, which I still stand by as being one of the best things about our tree!). I'm a very big fan of trees that are decorated with personal touches. Our tree is decorated with a combination of purchased ornaments, hand made ornaments and ornaments that were handed down from our parents. They come together to make one very special Christmas moment. 

We're having people over for an early Christmas dinner party tomorrow night so it seemed like the perfect excuse to put the tree up and get things feeling a little more festive around here! I spent the majority of last night with the tv off, the fireplace on and my sights set on trimming the tree. 

This year I made a few knitted ornaments that I totally love. I used the Balls Up! pattern, an 8cm styrofoam ball and leftover sock yarn. They are perfectly round, crisp and clean, they make my day. I think that they are the only bit of wool or knitting on my tree at the moment, clearly I needed them. 


Another new ornament to the tree this year is this little photo ball I picked up for a few bucks at the grocery store. I put a picture of Chris and I from our first Christmas together in our first apartment with our first tiny little charlie brown Christmas tree back in 2006. It doesn't seem like that long ago, but man has a lot changed since then. It's so fun to have these little mementos to be reminded of special times from the past.