Golden Oak Cardigan


This sweater is beautiful. I'm not sure what more I can say about it. Ravelry project page here. Blog post done. 

Joking, there is always so much to say about knits, no matter how wee they are! I hadn't knit a new little something for my bun in the oven since I knit the Coolbreeze Baby Cardigan back in September. Now that most of my Christmas crafting is behind me, I was really excited to start a little something for the baby. Baby sweaters knit in Purple Label Cashmere Sock yarn are almost definitely my favourite. It is just so incredibly soft and snuggly, the thought of cuddling a baby swathed in this material is heavenly. I can't wait! 


The pattern is the Little Oak Cardigan by Alana Dakos, and really, it's a delight. I'll go ahead and repeat what everyone who's ever knit this pattern before me has to say about it: it's just the right amount of simple, bottom up, stockinette stitch. Then, right when you might get bored with it, it's time to work the very complicated cable section for the yoke. Before you can get too sick of the complex cables, you're done! Then all that's left is the button band, and I love button bands. So really, this knit is perfect. 


I really love my Gold colourway for baby knits. It's soft and warm without being too pastel or sweet. I happen to love a lot of colourways for baby knits (Pink Grapefruit, Seabreeze, Dove, Frost...) but Gold is definitely high on that list. As an interesting little coincidence, I ordered the fabric pictured above for my crib bedding while working on this cardigan. Isn't it neat how the two complement each other so well?