Etsy Update: There will be a pretty massive One Of A Kind Etsy shop update on boxing day, December 26th at 12pm EST (noon). I've got LOTS of thrummed mitten kits, Green Label, Blue Label, Yellow Label, Red Label, Purple Label and Orange Label. I should hvae enough stock to last more than 20 minutes. Fingers crossed. Happy boxing day shopping!

Christmas is just a few days away. It's been snowing on and off today (wet snow, but better than nothing!) I've got just about all my pre-holiday work done (I should be finished by the end of today). We're hosting a big Christmas dinner at our place this year, which is a first for us. We'll have 13 friends and family over and I'm officially getting really excited about it! There was a moment of terror when I realized how much planning, prepping, cleaning, cooking, shopping and spending is involved in hosting Christmas dinner, but I've made my lists, we braved Costco this morning, and I now feel confident that we can handle it. I also managed to snag the very first super cute unisex onesie I've seen since I've been pregnant (at Costco, the Pekkle brand) so all in all today is a win. 


I've been knitting like crazy. Small, awesome, instant gratification knits. I finished a baby sweater in less than 24 hours last weekend. I've knit 2 hats this week, have almost finished a sock. So much knitting to share, but it may have to wait until after the holidays. In other exciting colourful, fibery news... the fabrics that I ordered to sew items for the nursery arrived this week. I fee like Christmas came early for me! I may wrap them up and put them under the tree because I love them so much. 

Baby Room

Hoping you are all excited about the next couple of days, getting all your holiday plans in order and are able to sit back and really enjoy this magical time of year!