Thank You!

I hadn't intended to announce that I'm pregnant and then go silent for almost a week, I just got so overwhelmed by all the beautiful and supportive comments that were rolling in that I couldn't help but want to keep that post at the top of my blog for as long as possible! Thank you one million times to everyone who left a comment, sent an e-mail, messaged me on facebook, ravelry, twitter... Chris and I feel so loved! 

So, things are definitely changing around here, and I couldn't be happier about it. Yesterday we went for a nice long walk, it was a beautiful fall day, and as I was admiring our gorgeous colourful foliage I thought about change. I used to think that I hated change. When I was 10 my family moved and I did not cope well. But now, I think I've come around to embracing change, and even looking forward to it. I look forward to the seasons changing every year, I can't wait to watch my belly change into a giant, baby-filled balloon! Now our family is changing, growing, and with that our family business will naturally change as well, but I'm excited about it. Chris and I have always known that we wanted a family, and as we made decisions about TFA, things like: do we try and go big, or do we stay small? do we rent a studio space, or do we build a small studio in our backyard? we always kept our future family plans in mind. 

So now I think TFA is ready for this awesome new change. I am sure that there will be some growing pains along the way, this summer was a bit of a preview of that. My first trimester was pretty good, but I was exhausted and queasy pretty much all the time, which made work much more of an effort than it usually is. But, we made it through, and now I'm in my second trimester and am feeling much less queasy and a bit more energetic. Chris and I are totally committed to TFA, it's our life! Some things may change (has anyone noticed that we haven't had an Etsy update in months? Yeah, our free experimental dyeing time is nowhere to be found!) but the beauty of TFA is that it's flexible, we can make this work. 

Now here's the big ticket question, the thing that everyone wants to know: So much baby knitting to do! Do we know if we're having a girl or a boy? Are we planning on finding out? 

The answer.... no! After much back and forth Chris and I have decided that we're going to keep the gender of the baby a surprise. I always thought that I would definitely want to know, but then when I found out that we were expecting, I suddenly no longer cared. We hope for a healthy baby and we have no gender preference at all. Lets be honest, this baby will be wearing a lot of blue regardless of wether it's a boy or a girl!