Lila comes to town!

This week Chris and I had the pleasure of hosting two of our favourite people, Julie and Lila! We had a wonderful visit full of walking, talking, shopping, eating and of course knitting. Julie was a blast but I have to admit, her lovely little Lila kinda stole the show. Look at those big eyes! And those cheeks!


Lila was a great sport when we wrangled her into my newest tiny knit for some baby-modeled FO shots. I think this kid has a future in baby modeling, she clearly takes after her mom. 


Having these two ladies stay with us for a couple of days was a treat. Not only do I love hanging out with Julie, but it was also a real first hand lesson on what life is like with a 6 month old. Never a dull moment! But no matter how busy they keep you, one glance at those big eyes and that happy little baby face is so worth it.