Stella has a hat on!


Oh my god, this dog makes me smile from ear to ear. I put this hat on her silly little head to take a photo and she didn't move an inch. She has totally accepted the fact that she wears clothes and sometimes models baby hats. What a girl. 

I knit this little hat for my niece Annika using Grammy's Hat pattern (I cast on 72 sts). She didn't really need hats this summer, but now it's getting chilly so it's totally hat time. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Grammy's hat pattern is so simple and so perfect, the ribbing makes it fit really well for a variety of head sizes. Grammy is so clever. I love making these hats for the little ones in our family because as soon as anyone in my family sees one they know immediately what it is. We had so many of these hats growing up, all knit by Grammy using leftover scraps of yarn. She still knits them and me and my cousins still get them for Christmas from Grammy sometimes. It's just a hat, but it's sooo much more than just a hat. 


I finished knitting my Palette Cardigan this week! I laid it out to block last night, it's still drying. I bought buttons today and hope to have an FO shoot done by the end of the week! I am going to live in this sweater this winter.