Jazz Hands Handspun

jazz hands

My afternoon of rest turned into an afternoon of work followed by an evening of spinning. It all worked out for me though as I ended the night with this lovely skein of very colourful and magical handspun! Unfortunately I think that this is the type of yarn that looks better in the skein than it will knit up. As I was plying it there were sections that were coming together beautifully, but then towards the end there is one really long patch of green. Not terrible, but it's not very balanced in terms of colour distribution. I'll just have to be careful when choosing the right project for this skein. Although, who knows when that will happen, I'm amassing quite the collection of handspun and have little finished projects to show for it! I need to come up with a plan. Until then I'll just keep spinning pretty skeins and hoarding them, that's just as fun!

This skein is 102g and 250yds.