Adhara Colour Combo's


In my pattern for the Adhara Shawl I specified that I thought the stitch pattern looked best when worked in two similar shades, with only subtle differences between them. I often get e-mails and Ravelry messages about this, I think that I may have inadvertently made people nervous about picking their own colours. Have no fear! I'm here to help. Here are a few of my favourite potential Adhara Shawl colour combo's:

adhara combo's

Left column, top to bottom: Deep Sea and Peacock; Frost and Seabreeze; Lilac and Dove.
Center column, top to bottom: Sand and Gold; Shadow and Atlantic (the original pairing); Pink Grapefruit and Sunset; Stormy and Shadow.
Right column, top to bottom; Spearmint and Lemongrass; Garnet and Velvet; Brick and Chestnut.

There are of course a million other potential colour pairings that would all make gorgeous Adhara Shawls, but hopefully this is enough to get you pointed in the right direction. A single colour Adhara would also be stunning, I'm considering knitting one in my lace weight yarn myself.