Making lists

A few of my fellow Canadian knit-bloggers have already blogged about this, but I was on vacation when this issue of Canadian Living came out so I'm a little behind. I have to share this myself though, because it's just too cool not to mention: I am quoted in Canadian Living! 

Canadian Living

A few months ago I received an e-mail from Austen, the Canadian Living craft editor, asking me what type of notebook I use to organize my thoughts. Honestly, that's kind of a tough question, a quick round up of the notebooks that I had laying around my office, coffee table and knitting baskets produced 5 different books, all in active use. The big Ecojot notebook that is pictured in the center of this pile is the one that lives permanently on my desk, and it's where I jot down most of my to-do lists. However, the second Ecojot notebook pictured on the left is also a favourite. That one has blank sheets of cardstock, making it perfect for sketching design ideas and doodling. Plus, don't the Ecojot books just have the best artwork! I love those owls!

some of my notebooks

The truth is, I often grab sheets of looseleaf or post-its to jot down notes, and I have a  massive spiral bound Hilroy notebook where I keep track of all of my TFA wholesale orders. When I'm working on patterns they usually start in one of the notebooks pictured above, but then when I'm working out the math for sizing I switch to loose leaf. Interestingly enough the one place I never takes notes is on my computer. I'm on my computer all day long, so you'd think I'd be more comfortable with it, but there is something just so extremely satisfying about writing out a list and then crossing things off! I think better with pen and paper. 

I'm currently in the process of making lists (the kind of lists that seem to go on forever) with all the things that we need to do to prep for the K-W Knitter's Fair in September. It always takes us a bit of time to readjust to our work schedule after a vacation, and this past week has been no exception. We've had a few setbacks, including Chris, the head dyer, recovering from a finger injury that left him in no position to dye at his usual pace (luckily his finger is just about all better now, so this week should be closer to normal) and I have been feeling under the weather, which makes things move slower than I would like. I'm sure we'll get 'er all done, we always do, as long as I've got my lists to keep me organized!