All about colour!

One of my favourite pages on my website has always been the colourways page (let's get real, isn't the colourways page the best part about any yarn website?) In my website re-vamp project I knew that I wanted to tackle this page and take it up a notch. I think that these new photo's show off all of the colourways better, and overall, the whole thing is just makes me so happy.

And speaking of awesome rainbows of colour... introducing my new and improved TFA Palettes! The Palettes are essentially the Baby Shane Blanket kits, just re-named to promote more inventive uses. In the past, I've grabbed a Baby Shane Blanket kit several times, intending to use the yarn other projects. This, this and this all borrowed from the kits. They include the perfect amount of yarn to knit just about any awesome, colourful, baby blanket pattern, but I also love the idea of scooping up your favorite Palette and using the yarns to knit several smaller projects (maybe a few striped kid sweaters? Hats or mitts for everyone on your Christmas list?) I view them as a way to try out 8 different colours of TFA yarn, without having to dish out the dough for 8 full skeins. 

Palettes 2012

All of the above Palettes have been refreshed (with the exception of the Pastel Palette which was just perfect as is!) Some of my old Baby Blanket kits featured discontinued colourways, and since I've introduced new colourways since I made the original kits a lot of my best colours were MIA. Now, every single one of my colourways is featured in a kit (with the exception of Natural, Charcoal and Atlantic, but don't worry, I'm working on a "neutrals" Palette that will include those gems, I just need that 8th neutral!)

Because I'm so excited about these new Palettes I plan on working them into an upcoming colour driven KAL! Stay tuned for all the details. I haven't worked it all out just yet, but I'm thinking that the general idea will be to challenge yourself with a colour project. You don't need to buy a Palette to participate, I know that lots of you have great TFA stashes to work from, however, I'm thinking there should be a prize for most inventive use of a TFA Palette. I'm considering tackling a rainbow sweater myself!