Wonderful Weekend

Hello Monday! I am officially a dork, I am the type of person who enjoys getting back to work on Monday. In my defense I also really look forward to the weekends, but I woke up this morning and was excited about getting to my desk, catching up on e-mails, packing orders, printing mailing slips... Yup, I'm a dork. 

It helps that I had a really great weekend. I saw the Hunger Games yesterday, and LOVED it!

I painted my nails this awesome new shade of green (blue?). It's gorgeous. 
Club Privé - L'Oreal nail polish. yes.
L'Oreal nail colour in Club Privé via Tanis on Pinterest, originally from Cosmopolitan.

I worked a bit on this springy little Blank Canvas Baby sweater. I'm knitting it in all sorts of sweet pastel shades, it's coming along really nicely. It's the sort of thing that makes me really happy. :)


The thing I'm probably the most happy about from this past weekend? I finished and blocked a new shawl design I've been working on, and the good news is... it worked out exactly how I had envisioned it! I'm really pleased, I love it and I'm really excited to share it with you. 

blocking a new pattern

Another bonus from this past weekend... I had a really good hair day yesterday. And I'm wearing my Ombré cardigan in the photo above, I love that sweater. Hand knits make me happy. 

Happy Monday all!