Etsy Shop Update!

I've listed a bunch of new yarns in the One of a Kind Etsy shop today. I think that Chris and I had a particularly successful day last week when we dyed all of these gems. I love them so much that I've been postponing listing them because I don't want to have to part with them... I may have squirreled one or two skeins away for myself to reduce the sting of parting with these beauties. 

Here are a few favorites:

Delightful - Red Label
Red Label in Delightful - Need I say more, this is so my colour!

Stained Glass - Red Label
Red Label in Stained Glass - this was a bit of a happy accident, I'm so happy with how it came out.

Blue Lime - Purple Label
Purple Label in Blue Lime - I love this bright colour for accessories, a Rae knit up in this colour would rock! 
Bright Grapefruit - Purple Label
Purple Label in Bright Grapefruit - Another great bright,  I would knit a Sunnyside, or the worlds happiest socks with this colour.

Watercolour - Blue Label
Blue Label in Watercolour - This would make a beautiful Clara Dress, it's got lots of pastel tones but without being too "baby". I't demure and I love it!
Green Ink - Silver Label

Silver Label in 
Green Ink - The Silver Label Mulberry Silk yarn is notoriously difficult to get dark and green, Getting really saturated rich results like this is a real treat.