Boy socks

Boy socks for Christmas

I know I said that I wasn't going to drive myself crazy knitting Christmas gifts this year, and I meant it, but there are a few people on my list who love hand knit socks, and I simply can't deny them. My brother Luke is one such person. He wears his knit socks all the time and loves them, so he'll get another pair this year. I knit this pair in a one of a kind TFA colourway, it's kind of like a combination of Midnight and Teal, navy, but with a twist. This is one of my favorite boy sock patterns. I cast on 72 sts, work in k2, p1 ribbing and throw in a cable wherever I feel like it. In this case I did two mirrored cables down the outside (or inside, depending how you put your socks on). They are very heavily inspired by this pattern, which I've knit several times already. They're stretchy, comfortable and cute. Chris is modeling the socks for me in the photo above, they're too small for him, they should fit Luke better. I've cast on a pair for my dad next.