River Rapid Socks in cashmere

I finished these socks while on vacation this summer. I'm glad I had them with me because I always underestimate how chilly the Nova Scotia nights can get. We had a few rainy days where these socks came in very handy.

River Rapid Socks - TFA Purple Label in Teal

This is the River Rapid Socks pattern knit in TFA Purple Label Cashmere Sock yarn in the Teal colourway.

You may recognize this lace pattern from my "zigzag lace" phase. I knit this cowl and this sweater featuring this very lace pattern right before I cast on for these socks. I had intended to improvise a design featuring the motif, but then found this pattern waiting for me in my queue! 

River Rapid Socks - TFA Purple Label in Teal

 Great pattern, great yarn, great socks! I'm very happy to have them.