What's my name?

sea-mint scarf

Earlier this summer I was struck with the desire to design and knit a super easy, super cozy, two toned striped scarf. I know, it was a very specific desire, not just a scarf, not just something stripy, I knew exactly what I wanted! Something big and cozy and squooshy, yet lacy! Garter stitch stripes in Green Label Aran weight yarn with eyelet's that looks good on both sides is exactly what I had in mind. I knit most of this scarf at Julie's cottage over the Canada day long weekend. I want the scarf to have the option of being an infinity scarf, so I'm going to sew on fabric covered buttons. I purchased this pretty seabreeze and spearmint floral, thinking that it would make the perfect Granny chic buttons... but now I'm thinking that it's less granny chic and more straight-up Granny. So the search for the perfect fabric continues. 

I was thinking of calling this design sea-mint, since I think that they are both pretty words, they are pulled directly from the colourways used in this scarf, and they kind of sound nice together. But sea-mint also sounds a heck of a lot like semen, and I'm kind of immature, so I'm not sure I can live with that. Any suggestions?