Etsy shop mini update

Sea Shadows - ooak

I haven't been adding one of a kind batches of yarn to the Etsy shop as often as I would like to and there are two reasons for that. First, TFA is pretty busy dyeing our regular colourways and don't often take days off in the middle of a busy week to dye one of a kind's. And the second reason? Well, I think I might be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to my special one of a kind skeins. Since I don't have a recipe for them, and I know that I'll never be able to reproduce them exactly the same way, I am very hesitant to give them up. I've been holding on to that batch of 9 skeins of DK for way too long now, I think it would make a perfect casual, comfy cardigan to wear with jeans. But alas, it's better for everyone if I force myself to unload my special skeins every once in a while.