Pretty Lily of the Valley

Earlier this week my mom stopped by with a handful of lily of the valley from her garden for us. They are such pretty little flowers and the scent is amazing. 

Very focused!

Our bathroom reno is almost complete, we're now getting down to the finishing touches. I work with colour everyday at TFA, so the artist in me is very satisfied. I was inspired this week to pull out my watercolours and inks and start playing around with shapes and colour. I forgot how much I love watercolour. It's not unlike dyeing, the colours are so fluid and easily blended. I love the marks the water leaves on the page. I've been a very happy little painter. 

Rainbow herringbone

My goal was to create colourful art for our pale, serene bathroom. The herringbone pattern of the painting above mimics the herringbone installation of our floor tile. This piece turned out brighter than I had envisioned, it's so easy for me to get carried away in the fun and excitement of bright colours! I'm using a leftover tile from our tub surround as my palette, very appropriate since I'm working on art for the bathroom.

overlapping circles in a soothing palette.

For my second piece I certainly kept it colourful, but used calmer tones. I really like this one.

Love the feathered edges of the watercolour

I love the feathered edges of the painting. I'm feeling very inspired by geometric shapes, I'm sure it's from looking at so many gorgeous tiles over the past couple of months. I love how the crisp geometry pairs with the subtle softness of watercolour. My head is spinning with ideas of ways to combine my love of TFA colourways with watercolour paintings. I think that the soothing colours in my Meadow colourway would lend themselves really well to this sort of application... oh the possibilities!