Bathroom Reno - Before & During

Bathroom demo!

Before Chris and I loaded up the van and headed off to Toronto for the weekend for the DKC Knitter's Frolic, Chris had one last major job to do... he had to completely demolish our main bathroom so our contractor could start renovating on Monday. So, Chris took Thursday to work on the bathroom, we were gone Friday to Sunday evening, Sunday when we got home Chris and my dad spent a few hours tearing down what was left of the walls, and then Monday morning the contractor started working towards putting the place back together. 

I helped demo too!

Demo sounds like fun right? Picture a man, a sledge hammer, welcomed destruction. Turns out, not so much. It was really hard work. I pitched in for about 2 minutes and made sure that mom was there to snap a picture of me in action (that's one of the perks of renovating a small space, there's only room for one person to work in there at a time!) Hat's off to Chris for being such a trooper.   

Here is a before picture of the bathroom. Small, beige, weird vanity, lots of medicine cabinets, strange brown flower tiles, grungy floor, a baseboard heater that doesn't work... lovely.

Bathroom before - Vanity view

And here is the tub view from the door. Very shallow chipped beige tub (I never took a single bath in that tub). Since we had no storage in the vanity we put a temporary little shelf in the bathroom that ended up being a junk collector for my hair elastics and toiletry products.

Bathroom before - Tub view from the door

Chris and I like to consider ourselves pretty enthusiastic DIYers. We paint, change the occasional light fixture, make curtains, do minor woodworking. We originally thought that this bathroom reno would be a very hands on project, but in the end we found a great contractor who is willing to let us help when we can (like demo) but is taking care of all the hard stuff himself; electrical, plumbing, ventilation, heating, moving a wall... all stuff that is way out of our comfort zone. Seeing as how this bathroom is our family bath and guest bath, it needs to be done right. 

The first week of renovating is almost done and things are finally starting to look like they're actually going to come together. The wall has been moved, plumbing and electrical have been sorted out, the tub went in yesterday, drywall should be going up today... exciting!