Sparkly Stars

It's a good thing I gave myself plenty of time to make these Christmas stars I was working on, because I needed it! Things have been rather hectic around here this month (I know we're not the only household to get chaotic around the holidays!) Folding and tucking these little colourful stars has been a real meditative treat when I needed a break from work. I would do a couple at a time, and before I knew it I had folded all the paper strips that came in my DIY star kit from theStarcraft

Last night I dipped them in melted paraffin wax and let them harden. It was literally as easy as it sounds, I bought paraffin at the crogery store, melted it in a double boiler and dipped each star in with a pair of tongs. I let as much wax drip off as I could, carefully shaking it above the bowl of paraffin for about 30 seconds each so that when I laid the star down on wax paper to set the wax wouldn't pool at the tips. They dry and cool in a matter of minutes. They are significantly more solid and sturdy once dipped, also, the colour darkens quite a bit and even the pastels turn much more saturated. Very pretty.

Today I sprayed them all with silver glitter from a spray can. It was like watching magic happen before my very eyes! They began as crafty, origami style folded paper and turned into these lux, super sparkly fantastical designer ornaments! I'm completely enamored!