My first parcel of Christmas gifts was mailed yesterday. I feel very organized and proud of myself for that one. My cousin and her two kids celebrate their birthdays on Dec. 7th, 9th and 11th... As if this time of year isn't busy enough as it is! So, I mailed off 3 birthday gifts and 3 Christmas gifts yesterday (I know I said that I was organized and awesome, but I actually missed the Dec. 7th birthday... oh well, it's fun to spread out the gift opening isn't it?)

Among the gifts sent was my Playful Stripes cardigan with it's perfect purple and white flower buttons. Those buttons are the perfect girly finishing touch.

playful stripes button band

Chris and I have been enjoying our Christmas tree for a good two weeks already. I love it, I plug it in every night and enjoy our festive little nook. My mom kicked our seasonal mojo up a notch when she brought over this beautiful blue poinsettia for us! She knows how much I love blue, this plant is perfect.

I've been knitting lots of Grammy's hats. Here they are all piled up on the table after a little photo shoot out in the snow. I'll try and get a few modeled shots tomorrow and then write up the super simple pattern. I am not tired of knitting these, they are just the perfect hat.

Tuques for everyone!